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Spider-Man Unlimited (1993 1st Series) #17

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"I, Robotmaster!" Script by Glenn Greenberg. Pencils by Joe Bennett. Inks by Joe Pimentel. Cover by Joe Bennett and Joe Pimentel.

A mysterious man is dropping off boxes of toys at local hospitals in New York City! And no one knows the exact reason why! However Peter Parker and Arthur Stacy put their heads together and correctly deduce the next drop location! When Spider-Man intercepts the latest package of toys, he gets a big surprise! The shadowy benefactor is none other than Mendel Stromm! Hold on, didn't Stromm (aka Gaunt) die in Amazing Spider-Man 418? Apparently not! So what does the web-slinger do now? Mendel suddenly seems like a real nice guy! But appearances can be deceiving! 

48 pages. Cover price $2.99.

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