Starman (1994 2nd Series) #14 -

Starman (1994 2nd Series) #14

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Cover by Tony Harris. The Opal's Day, the O'Dare's Day [Sins of the Child pt 3], script by James Robinson, art by Tony Harris, Stuart Immonen, Tony Harris, Chris Sprouse, Andrew Robinson, Gary Erskine, Amanda Conner, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Gary Erskine

The Mist's carefully orchestrated crime wave washes over Opal City, and a hero from the past is reborn!; In a dramatic, kaleidoscopic story focusing on a different character in each segment, Tony Harris shares the pencil chores with Andrew Robinson, Amanda Conner, Chris Sprouse and more.

36 pgs. $2.25. Cover price $2.25.

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