Super-Villain Team-Up (1975) #6 PGX 5.0

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"Prisoner!" Guest-starring the Fantastic Four and the Shroud. Script by Steve Englehart. Pencils by Herb Trimpe. Inks by Jack Abel. Cover by Jim Starlin, John Romita (assists), and Alan Weiss

The Fantastic Four invade Latveria to free the Sub-Mariner! After working their way through an army of androids, the fabulous foursome are poised to bust into Doctor Doom's castle! But the Latverian monarch sends his final line of defense to stop the FF! The Avenging Son! Hold on, Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny are here to rescue Namor, not fight him! As the FF and the Sub-Mariner tangle one more time, a diplomat from the United States government meets with Victor Von Doom. The Fantastic Four knock out Namor and surge forward to attack Doctor Doom until they are stopped cold by…Henry Kissinger! What?! (Notes: The letters page includes a letter from comics writer Ralph Macchio. A 30-cent cover price variant exists for this issue.)

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