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Sword of Dracula (2003) Complete Set

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#1 - 6

(W) Jason Henderson (A) Greg Scott BW 32pp $2.95 Bi-monthly ongoing series In stores the week of October 1st.

THE CONCEPT: You've seen Dracula. But you've never seen him like this. At 600 years old he controls blood so keenly that he can make almost anything his army needs. And he will rule the Earth. But what happens when the King of Vampires faces the return of an even greater, older evil? What unholy alliance must Dracula form with Ronnie Van Helsing, the young leader of the massive agency known as the Polidorium? Hard-edged horror action from Greg Scott of Sabretooth and Jason Henderson of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

THIS ISSUE: Ronnie Van Helsing is new to her leadership role in the Polidorium-but it doesn't stop her from dragging the organization into a full assault on Dracula, Lord of the Vampire. In opening act issue that plays out in near-real time, the Polidorium meet Dracula for the first time-but are all the Humvees, coagulant missiles, rocket launchers and blackhawks at Ronnie's disposal any match for a man who controls a reservoir of blood?

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