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Terminal City (1996) #9

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High atop the skyscrapers of Terminal City, Cosmo and Monique grapple with L'il Big Lil and her thugs in a heroic attempt to save Charity's sister from an early death. But when a mystery hero emerges from the air, will the rescue attempt be foiled? Kid Gloves pulls his last punch; B.B. and Jezebel get comfy in their new digs; Mayor Huxley's murderer is uncovered; and former movie stars are reunited in the exciting conclusion to Terminal City. And look for all-new urban adventures in 1997 with the upcoming Terminal City Aerial Graffiti (1997) #1-5. Written by Dean Motter. Art by Michael Lark. Painted cover by Matt Wagner.

Mature Readers. FC, 32 pg. Rebax Format. Cover price $2.50.

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