Thriller (1983) #9 -

Thriller (1983) #9

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East of Euthanasia - Written by Bill DuBay. Art and Cover by Alex Niño.

The Seven Seconds have to high-tail it out of Russia -- but Angie sidetracks them to a secret installation and the horrible secret it holds! Check out Bill DuBay and Alex Niño -- a different team on a different super-hero book! Characters in this issue: Angie Thriller; The Seven Seconds [Data [Frederick Martin]; White Satin [Janet Valentine]; Salvo [Tony Salvotini]; Father Beaker Parish; Proxy [Robert Furrillo]; Crackerjack; Dan Grove]; Edward Thriller; Moses Lusk.

Deluxe format. 32 pages, full color. Cover price $1.25.

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