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Tick (1988 1st Printing) #8A

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Regular Edition. 8-page "Red Eye" mini-comic bonus insert. First printing.

NOTE: This is a 1st Printing. 1st printings do not have a 2nd or later printing notice in indica.

Written by Ben Edlund. Art and cover by Ben Edlund and Dave Garcia.

The Tick is struck on the head with what looks to be a meteor but turns out to be sediment from Utah. Arthur and Tick have dinner with Art's sister, but their repast is interrupted by two goons shooting at them. After Man-Eating Cow lends a...uh...an udder in dispatching the villains, Tick decides that he and Arthur will leave for New York to fight real crime and leave their bovine companion to patrol The City in their stead. Tick reads.

44 pgs., B&W. $2.25. Cover price $2.25.

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