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Untold Origin of the Femforce (1989) #1

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Story by Bill Black. Art by Darren Goodhart and Mark Heike. Cover by Mark Heike. Reprints parts of Femforce # 1 and 2, plus an additional framing sequence.

AC Comics presents the origin of the first all-female superhero team, Femforce. Revived Golden Age heroes Ms. Victory, Rio Rita, Blue Bulleteer and She-Cat are brought together to battle a deadly fungus, soon joined by Synn and Tara. Then, on a mission through the Time Triangle, the superwomen battle dinosaurs and giant Amazon women and find the secret links between them all. The Fungus Among Us!; Trek for the Time Twister!; Dinosaur Alley.

48 pages, Full Color. Cover price $4.95.

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