Vault of Evil (1973) #13 CGC 7.0

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Cover by Larry Lieber and Vince Colletta. The Heat's On, script by Stan Lee, art by Russ Heath

A succubus uses a mirror to blind a sea captain on leave as he attempts to push his homely wife out the top story window. The Telepathic Typewriter, art by Mort Drucker; A writer buys a magic typewriter that shows a mental vision of the truth of any newspaper story that is typed on it. The Madman, script by Stan Lee, art by Bill Everett; Nurse Jane Bryant arrives at the mysterious Hagstone Sanitarium for a job, but she is really there on a secret mission of her own. Contents: One Human!, art by Robert McCarty; The Post Office investigates boxes that contain shrunken people which expand to full size upon arrival at their destination. Stan Lee talks about the new Spidey comic coming out, that's tied into the Electric Company television show.

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