Vault of Evil (1973) #23 -

Vault of Evil (1973) #23

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Cover by Ron Wilson and Pablo Marcos. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall..., art by Don Heck

Bill Carter purchases a mirror for his wife's birthday; It turns out to be cursed. The Man in the Morgue; A hoodlum spends his last buck for a psychic reading and is told that his luck will change. Dog-Gone!, art by Howie Post; A failed writer rescues a dog from an alley who turns out to be a better writer than he ever was. Point of View, art by Al Carreno; A janitor in a lab gets access to shrinking formula and shrinks the employees there. Ad for MGM'S Marvelous Wizard of Oz (Marvel / DC, 1975 series) #1, art by John Romita.

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