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Web of Spider-Man (1985 1st Series) #97

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"Opening Volley" Part 1 of 4. Script by Terry Kavanagh. Pencils by Alex Saviuk and Derek Yaniger. Inks by Joe Rubinstein and Derek Yaniger. Cover by Derek Yaniger.

The Blood Rose is back! And he's doing what he does best…terrorizing the Kingpin's crime syndicate! In a bold move, the Blood Rose attacks the Fisk Tower and sets it on fire! The Amazing Spider-Man and Joe Robertson rush to the scene and find complete carnage inside! And of course find the Blood Rose inside too…still firing away at anything that moves! Meanwhile on a Caribbean Island, a beleaguered man closely resembling Richard Fisk washes ashore. First appearance of Nightwatch (aka Dr. Kevin Trench). Cameo appearances by the Foreigner, Alfredo Morelli, and Peter Parker's (robot) parents. (Notes: This issue begins the four-part My Enemy's Enemy storyline. The Blood Rose previously appeared in Web of Spider-Man 89. This issue includes a full-page cover preview for Web of Spider-Man 98.)

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