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Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man (1999) #5

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"Broken!" Part 2 of 3. Guest-starring the Silver Surfer. Script by Eric Stephenson. Pencils by Keith Giffen. Inks by Andy Smith, Scott Elmer, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Rodney Ramos. Cover by Keith Giffen and Andy Smith.

The Spectacular Spider-Man has gone down to defeat at the hands of the Silver Surfer! Why has the surfer gone rouge? Could someone from Sub-Atomica be manipulating him? As it turns out... Yes! Psycho-Man is recruiting super-heroes from Earth to fight a warlord threatening his homeland! And his primary recruit, the cosmic sky-rider, agrees to peacefully go with him! Will the rejuvenated web-slinger tag along too? 

32 pages. Cover price $2.50.

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