Where Monsters Dwell (1970) #2 CGC 8.0

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Cover pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Dick Ayers. I Created...Sporr! The Thing That Could Not Die!

A scientist moves into Dr. Frankenstein's castle to set up his experimental growth ray; He is arrested by the villagers, leaving his experiment to grow out of control. I Am Dragoom! The Flaming Invader!; Dragoom, a flaming monster from the planet Vulcan, arrives on Earth and terrorizes the planet; The military are helpless before him, but a monster movie director fools him into fleeing by using special effects to fake the arrival of police from Vulcan in pursuit of Dragoom. Taboo! The Thing From the Murky Swamp! All pencils by Jack Kirby, all inks by Dick Ayers. All reprints.

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