Where Monsters Dwell (1970) #24 CGC 6.5

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Cover pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Christopher Rule. I Was Trapped By the Things on Easter Island!, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Christopher Rule

A pilot crash lands on Easter Island where he observes the statues rise out of the ground and discuss invasion plans of their home planet and the enslavement of Earthmen. The Ape Man, art by Steve Ditko; A criminal hopes that the story of an ape man in the jungle surrounding his prison will prevent pursuit; Instead he discovers that the ape man is real. The Spice of Life!, art by Al Eadeh; The fantastically wealthy Ed Bean finds everything he has done in his life frightfully boring (even murder); He offers a million dollars to anyone who can come up with something he hasn't done. The Monster Escapes!, script by Larry Lieber and Stan Lee (plot), pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Dick Ayers; An alien planning to invade Earth crash lands and tries to find a rocket to escape; Instead, he accidentally conceals himself in an airtight time capsule and suffocates. All reprints.

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