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Wizard the Comics Magazine (1991) #134

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polybagged with cards

Cover 2 of 3: Jim Lee's Batman cover. Polybagged with extras. Last Villain Standing: Marvel villains vs. DC villains drawn by Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning; 5 pages from The Darkness; 6 pages from Chimera #1; article on Batman: Hush, with comments from Jim Lee, Jeph Loeb and Mark Chiarello; Wizard's wish list of tv series and films as comics, with illos of The Sopranos by John Cassaday, The Matrix by Steve Skroce, The Osbournes by Jim Mahfood, Harry Potter by Humberto Ramos, Lord of the Rings by Ale Garza and Britney & Eminem by J. Scott Campbell; Q & A with Bill Jemas, with Jan Duursema illo; Book of the Month: The Ultimates; Secret Stash: One Plus One; The Hot Seat: John Carpenter. Cover price $4.99.

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