Iron Man (1968 1st Series) #111 -

Iron Man (1968 1st Series) #111

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"The Man, the Metal, and the Mayhem!" Part 3 of 4. Guest-starring Jack of Hearts and the Soviet Super Soldiers. Script by Bill Mantlo. Art by Keith Pollard (breakdowns) and Fred Kida (finishes). Cover by Keith Pollard and Terry Austin.

In deep space the golden avenger and Jack of Hearts are caught in an intergalactic war between the Rigellians and the Knights of Wundagore! The ruthless colonizers have selected Wundagore II to be their new home planet! But the native inhabitants (aka the New Men) won't give it up without a fight! Eventually Iron Man and Jack side with the genetically-advanced but low-tech knights against the star-spanning Rigellians! Will the underdogs have their day with the invincible one leading the way? 

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